Sandhyaa Heenah Asuchir Nityam Anarhaha Sarva Karamsu |
Yath Anyath Kurute Karma Na Tasya Phalabhag Bhaveth ||

(meaning) One who does not perform Nitya Karma Anushtanam like Sandhyavandanam is always impure and unfit for performing any other rites. Whatever other rites he may perform, he will not obtain the fruit thereof.

If a Brahmana is not a devotee of Sriman Narayana , he has to be considered a chandala only i.e. no more can he be respected as a Brahmana . (You may notice that all Sankaraachaaryas tell only Narayana smaranam and utter Vasudeiva kudumbhakam. They always recite Vishnu sahasranaamam and have NO DOUBT even among themselves about the Supremacy of Sriman Narayanan. (Narayanan is the Kaarana peyar. Naaram+ayanam. Supporter- Creator- Saviour of Naaram (all beings and non-beings). All other demi God's names are iduguRi peyer. They are all under the command of Sriman Narayanan.- AdhiSankara has composed Bhaja Govindham- Do we need further proof?)

A very popular quote from DakshaSmruthi : "The man (whomsoever are ordered to perform ) who doesn't perform the rites pertaining to sandhya is ** always impure ** & is * unfit * for the performance of any other rite. Whatever other rite or karmA he may perform , he will not obtain the fruit thereof " . Even Rama, Lakshmanas were reported to perform SadhyAvandhanam (as mentioned in Valmiki Ramayanam.).

Such men who doesn't perform SandhyAvandanam even though born in a Brahmana family can't enter perumal sannidhi , can't enter temples , can't prostrate to elders , perumAL & the like , can't dine with other Brahmanas etc , since they are always impure ( nithya theetu ie. permanant Asoucham ) . A dhoora strI (ladies in menstrual cycle) is prohibited to do certain activities because of the theetu . Similarly , the men who according to their varnA should perform SandhyAvandanam , somehow doesn't perform it , gets theetu & is thus forbidden from performing many activities .

Hence, please do sandhi (trikaala sandhyaavandhanam). You may perform both Praatha and MadhyAnnikam in the morning itself before going to the office. (You may look at Lord's Thirumukham for PasyEma sradhassadham...). (Should you require, we can arrange to send SandhyAvandhanam book.). Whatever time you return home, before going to bed, please perform Saayam sandhyAvandhanam, with kaalaadhItha praayacchitham.

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