Shree Vaishnava Philosophy and Practice


Welcome to learning Visistaadvaita Shree Vaishnava philosophy and practice by web tutorial. This course does not require the reader to have knowledge in Sanskrit or Tamil or in philosophy. Sanskrit / Tamil terms used will be translated and explained at all places in lucid English in these lessons. Each lesson will be for 4 to 6 pages only. Therefore the reader can easily read it and understand it just like reading a story. The reader is most welcome to present his questions, comments, suggestions, and doubts to me. It will be a pleasure for me to answer them. I conduct this course only as a Bhagavat-Bhaagavata Kainkaryam (service) and as requested by few interested people. Therefore I expect from you only your dedication and devotion towards Visistaadvaita Shree Vaishnavam. I request the readers to circulate the lessons to those interested in learning our Shree Sampradayam. Also I would request the readers to make those who are interested to learn about our sampradayam to join this course. I again assure you that the lessons will be simple. Your suggestion, comments, questions, and doubts are always welcome. Always feel free to write to me at mshari@usa.net

Note: Every week a lesson will be added into this tutorial, so please visit this page every week without fail to learn fully about Visistadvaitha Philosophy and Practise. There is a free email discussion group to discuss more information/ queries regarding this Visistadvaitha Tutorial, and you can post your queries to this discussion group.

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11. Lesson 11 12. Lesson 12 13. Lesson 13 14. Lesson 14 - Bhagavath Gita - Essence of Chapter 1
15. Lesson 15 - Bhagavath Geetha - Chapter 2 - Summary
16. Lesson 16 - Bhagavat Gita - 3rd chapter Summary
17. Lesson 17 - Bhagavat Gita - 4th chapter Summary
18. Lesson 18 - Bhagavat Gita - 5th Chapter Summary

to be continued...

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